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Best Mirrorless Camera 2017 has in store

Today geeksngadgets has brought you list of best mirrorless cameras 2017 has in store for you, this recommendations are my personal opinions and will try to keep it limited to minimum budget cameras. Please note some of these cameras does not come with lens, you may have to buy separate lens.

5.  Panasonic Lumix GX85

Panasonic Lumix GX85 is a mid-range mirrorless camera which is Panasonic’s most advancPanasonic LUMIX GX85 4K Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera Kit, 12-32mm Lens, 16 Megapixels, Dual Image Stabilization, Electronic Viewfinder, WiFi - Blacked camera today and which features 16MP MFT sensor camera, it can record Quality 4K video. This is a very good camera for beginners and professionals as well. It has a great economic design which makes it easy to use camera. It also has 5 axis in-body sensor stabilizer for video recording and still capture modes as well. It features LCD touch screen monitor so that you can watch pictures taken by you from any angle. This camera gives you 27 interchangeable lens options.  There is a one downside for this camera which is it does not have microphone port that means you cannot connect external microphone. Overall it is a very impressive camera which is not so expensive and gets the job done as compared to another cameras in this price range.

4. Olympus OM-DE-M1

Olympus OM-DE-M1 is a mirrorless camera which has got a lot of attention when it was launched in market because it has some features whicOlympus OM-D E-M1 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16MP and 3-Inch LCD (Body Only) (Black)h are not present in other cameras of this category and it comes in affordable light weight body which is ergonomic and affordable. It has 16MP MOS Four Thirds format sensor with no low-pass filter which allows a camera to have very fast auto focus speed. This camera also has a 1.04M-dot 3″ LCD touchscreen display which tilts 80° upwards and 50° downwards. It also features Built-in Wi-Fi for remote shooting and image transfer to smartphone or tablet. Only downside about this camera is it cannot record 4K video, but overall it is still one of the best cameras in the market.

3. Sony Alpha 6300

Sony Alpha 6300 is another great mirrorless digital camera which is a choice of professionals and beginners. It hasSony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) 24.2 MP XMOR CMOS sensor which can take very high quality Pictures and it can also record 4K (UHD) video – 25/24p from full width, 30p from smaller crop. Sony alpha 6300 has been advertised to have fastest auto focus speed of 0.05 seconds and I have seen that most of the photographers agree to this claim. Sony Alpha 6300 has a magnesium alloy body which resists dust and moisture. Built in WIFI with NFC connection option gives you more flexibility to transfer your photos and videos.

2. Panasonic Lumix DMC –G85K (Body).

Panasonic Lumix DMC –G85K is a mirrorless camera which has lots to offer. It Features 4K Video recording at Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G85KBODY Body w/ Lens Bundle (DMC-G85K Body Deluxe Bundle)30p/24p 100 Mbps plus a 3.5mm port for external microphones and 2nd Generation 5 Axis image stabilization that when mated to LUMIX 2-axis optically stabilized lenses for a “Dual IS” effect, gives out 5 f-stops in video and still capture. It also has 16 MegaPixel MFT photo sensor. It has power save LVF Shooting option that means you can take 600-800 depending on sleep mode settings. It is a great choice camera for outdoor photographers going for long shoots. It is a dust proof and also a compact one so you can take it anywhere with you.

1. Sony a7R II

This mirrorless camera makes to the number 1 spot in my list. This is a little bit expensive than other cameras listed Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera, Body Only (Black) (ILCE7RM2/B)in this blog. This camera features world’s first back-illuminated 35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor with 42.4 Megapixels and 5x in-body image stabilization which can also record 4K videos, it gives ability to have one of the fastest auto focus speed. It has built in WIFI which makes it very simple to connect to IOS or Android smartphones or Tablets using their official Application. You can transfer photos, Control camera and many more things using its Application. It also has 3” LCD screen which can be tilted up and down so you can capture all types of photos. This camera from SONY is toughest, most durable α camera ever made, It is very well engineered for action under all circumstances, even with large lenses attached.


Let’s understand functionality of mirror inside a digital camera. When light comes through the lens of the camera a mirror inside the camera body reflects that light to a prism and into the viewfinder for you to preview your shot. Camera captures the image when light falls onto the Image sensor, now when you press the shutter button, immediately this mirror flips up and a shutter opens to let light fall onto the image sensor.

In Mirrorless cameras, light directly falls onto an Image sensor when it makes its way through the lens and it captures preview of the image shot to display it on the rear screen. Isn’t it Simple!

Mirrorless cameras have an advantage over DSLR cameras of being compact, Lightweight and better videos. Only downside of mirrorless cameras is you get few Lens options and accessories to choose.

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