My Picks on Drone cameras for Travel videos

Should you buy a Drone below $100 ?
If you want a Toy, Why Not.
If you want a Working Drone with some decent quality Camera; you must not go with any Drone which is Below $100 or even $150.
I bought a $100 drone VIVITAR Air Ultimate defender. I knew, I can get some good videos from its “HD” video camera and I am going to make some awesome Travel videos. I was a FOOL.
On Ground Experience: It switches ON; It connects with your SmartPhone; You can see live Video on your phone.
Wow; What else you are looking for? May be, a Good Quality Video?
C’mon, it is just a $100 Drone camera.
In Air Experience: It Flies. And here ends the list of Pros.
Cons: 5-6 Mins of Flight time, Very difficult to control, Video quality is nowhere close to 720P.
Video recorded appears to be very close to 360P. And to my experience it is worth less.

Okay; what should you buy Then?
Which is the cheapest but Best Drone camera in the market?
Which is the Best Drone camera for Travel videos?
Hold On Guys, I can recommend few good Drones which are really worth buying and make awesome travel videos.

1: Holy Stone HS 300

1080P Video Camera; 6-Axis Gyro ; 2.4 GHz with Altitude Hold

1080P Camera Drone,Holy Stone HS300 RC Quadcopter with 120° Wide-angle HD Camera 6-Axis gyro 2.4 GHz with Altitude hold, One Key Return and Headless Mode Function RTF Includes Bonus Battery

It Surely Works!!! The holy stone HS300 is very stable and with its added Altitude hold feature you will find it is easier to control and capture very nice video and photos. It has a sufficient battery life to power at least 10 mins of a flight time. It gives you 1080p HD quality video and doesn’t really gives any issues operating and working with its Application.
It is not handy like few foldable drones and you will have to carry its burden all the way in your travel.
But it is the Best if you are looking for drones below $200.
What you get with this Drone: 2 batteries, 2 usb charging cables, and some extra propellers.

2: Contixo F18

VALENTINES SALE! Contixo F18 Advanced GPS Assisted RC Quadcopter 1080P HD Live FPV Wifi Video Camera Drone Smart RTH Hovering Brushless Motors (Include Carrying Back Pack $80 Value) - Best Gift

This quad-copter has pretty much everything one need for an easy flying and videography.
The carrying bag makes carrying this drone comfortable.
Let’s see what it actually Offers:

GPS assisted hovering; Altitude hold, 1-Key take-off / 1-Key landing; Auto Return to Home function (brings your drone back to the take-off point when the battery is low); HD FPV camera captures excellent footage; Extra propellers; 16 minutes of flight time; 6-Axis Gyroscope; Super bright LED lights for night time flying; Water resistant carrying backpack.
The 1080p camera works well. The range is vastly big, as per manufacturer it can have a range as close to a Mile. The camera does okay in low light photography, much better in daylight. The drone holds altitude very well and can hover at any altitude for photography. If you want a high-resolution camera or at least 16mp, expect to pay $500 or more. For a starter, the camera in the F18 is better than expected.

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