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Camera Connect – Canon Wifi App for EOS, Powershot, VIXIA cameras

Camera Connect – Canon Wifi App for EOS, Powershot, VIXIA cameras

You may own a Canon EOS camera or a Canon Powershot camera or even a VIXIA Camera of canon, if you are looking for a Canon Wifi app that can connect your wifi enabled smartphone device to a Canon camera then Canon Camera connect is the Wifi app that you need to install on your device.


Publishers Information on the Canon Wifi App

Camera Connect* is a unified canon wifi app that connects your mobile devices to any Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth®-equipped Canon camera or camcorder. Whether you shoot with a compatible EOS camera, PowerShot camera or VIXIA camcorder, one app is all you need. With a fresh and intuitive new interface developed for both iOS® and Android™ operating systems**, Camera Connect makes it easy to see what you’ve captured, transfer photos and videos to your mobile device, and use your device to control your camera.

Download Links for IOS and Android - Canon Camera Connect

Canon Wifi App -Camera Connect important Features

Navigation is Made Easy:
Canon has developed a new user interface for this wifi based camera connect app and it has made it very user friendly. This app continuously shows its connection status with the Canon Cameras which provides necessary information ready at an eyesight.
View Image Button:
The Canon wifi app features with Images on Camera button which are larger on the main menu and you will be also able to check downloaded images in a separate OS photo app.

Remote Live View Shooting Button:
This feature has been made larger on the main menu, the Remote Live View Shooting displays more information in a new layout for quick on-the-spot capture.
Sorting Options:
Canon camera connect app provides Image Sorting options which includes Filter by Date range and Filter by file type features for easy navigation to the exact shot that you are looking for.
Shoot Remotely:
Use your Camera Connect wifi app to shoot remotely with your Canon camera. You can Zoom, Focus, use Self Timer, Compose your Frame and more using remote live view shooting feature from your smartphone or a Tablet.
Add GPS Data to Images:
Canon’s Camera Connect app captures GPS information from your Wifi enabled device and adds it to the images and videos captured using your Canon camera.

Canon camera connect app is not working !!!

Many people have observed that,

I want to connect to my Canon EOS XXX with "Camera Connect" App on my Android smartphone But the automatic authentication is not working through wifi. 

Answer: Sometimes we get through the Automatic Authentication very easily, but sometimes it is a Headache. In such scenarios, prefer the manual authentication, Steps i Followed 
Menu> WIFI> Enable>Give it a Name> 

Go to WIFI Function> Camera Access Point> Easy Function> 

Encryption key appears on the Canon Screen, at this point I connected my phone to the WIFI spot for the Canon Camera Connect. 

System Requirements

Camera Connect for iOS
Supported OS
iOS 9.3/10.3/11.2


To connect via Bluetooth, a Bluetooth-equipped camera and a Bluetooth 4.0 or later-equipped device* (supporting Bluetooth low energy technology) is required.
*Bluetooth 4.0-equipped devices: above iPhone 4s / iPad 3rd/ iPod touch 5th
Camera Connect for Android
Supported OS
Android 4.4/5.0-5.1/6.0/7.0-7.1/8.0-8.1
To connect via Bluetooth, a Bluetooth-equipped camera and a Bluetooth 4.0 or later-equipped device (supporting Bluetooth low energy technology) compatible with Android 5.0 or above is required.
To connect via NFC, an NFC-enabled camera and an NFC-enabled Android 4.4-8.1 is required.
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